RoadWarriorette recommends this collection of 7 things for a conference:

  • A sheath dress, and I’m taking a lace number that is the closest thing I have to a sheath in a day length
  • A jacket, and I’m taking my blue silk
  • Cropped pants, and I’m taking black and beige
  • A cardigan, and I’m taking a blue one
  • A blouse — my new floral peasant blouse, I think
  • A T shirt, and I’m taking a silk camp shirt instead
  • A skirt or second dress, but I’m taking two pairs of pants instead
  • Two pairs of shoes, and I think I’ll be taking blue flats and black ones with a slight wedge
  • Belts, jewelry, and scarves, and I suppose I will do that
  • A nightshirt, underclothes, and that should do it

We’re going up a day early to visit the zoo and the half-price bookstore, so there is definitely a jeans and camp shirt day. I’m presenting on Saturday and Sunday, so that’s a black pants day and a beige pants day, one with blazer and one with cardigan, blouse and camp shirt on their respective days. I can wear the dress to one of the parties if I feel like it.

Some people get all clever with jewelry and scarves, but I don’t. However, I will take some along and wear it, thus obviously making more of an effort than usual.

I’ve got neutrals, blue, and a soupçon of pink. I think that wearing pink at a tech conference will be as wild as I need to get.

I must concentrate when I pack my make-up and toiletries, because I don’t want to shame my daughters, and I must also remember to bring tea, because you can’t always get it when you travel.

I have some forthcoming novels in my Kindle (and for “some,” read “90”), including the next Janet Evanovich, so I am confident that I can be amused in my spare time, as long as I remember to take reading glasses.

I’ve been listening to Mary Roach’s Bonk, which is a history of research on sex. Did you know that nearly all men have trouble keeping an erection in an MRI chamber? Or that there are only two animals that fondle breasts: men and pigs.

So far, there is nothing salacious in the book and the most romantic part was this bit about artificial insemination of swine. It has been fascinating. However, I don’t think that #1 daughter will enjoy it, so I think I will just stick with my novels.

I have some more work to do before I can stop, and then I’ll pack.

That’s the plan.