I’m going to take my knitting bag with me on the 18 hour bus trip and put the suitcase into the cargo hold or whatever they call it on a bus. So what is going into the knitting bag?

From left to right:

  • The section of the pattern I’m working on, cut and pasted into one sheet of paper
  • The knitting, and a few more skeins of yarn
  • My Kindle, stuffed full of ebooks and Audible books
  • The charger for my Kindle, not in the picture but I had better not forget it
  • Needle gauge, tin of small knitting tools, lip balm, hair tie, seam ripper
  • Violet pastilles
  • Reading glasses
  • Physical book in case I run out of charge
  • Earbuds for the Audible books
  • Notebook
  • DP needles which I probably won’t need
  • Crochet hook for quick fixes of knitting
  • Pen


Small knitting tools include

  • measuring tape
  • stitch markers
  • point protector
  • cable needles
  • row marker

And also my Lumo Lift. This is another health wearable I was sent for review. It vibrates when your posture gets out of alignment. At first, it made me jump out of my skin. Then it got irritating. I skipped it yesterday.

But that was a mistake. Today I have tension in my neck and shoulders which — I now realize — I had stopped having while I was allowing the Lift to nag me. With the Lift, I’ve had everything from 0 good posture hour days to 7 good posture hour days, but either way I don’t get back and shoulder pain.

I went out to dinner last night with my husband and a church community group which seems to have adopted my stepfather. It was his 80th birthday, and he was very happy to have all these people with him for the occasion. I had pleasant conversations with people at my end of the table, and tried to shout over to my stepfather from time to time.

My husband was less conversationally successful. He told me afterwards that his top conversational gambit with English-speaking strangers is to ask about their work and he could tell, from the age of the people, that they didn’t work. I have more versatility in conversational gambits. I asked them about their children’s work. Also about their church. And then we got to talking about recipes. The ladies nearly all beat their egg whites by hand. Apparently, they don’t believe in mixers.

Anyway, I think it was better not to have the Lift startling me into sitting up straight at a social occasion, but it was not a good idea to have a Hunched Friday.


Everything fits tidily into the knitting bag. I expect I’ll add more stuff besides just the charger before we leave, but I think I’m okay if not.