We’re leaving early in the morning, so I’m packing today. As promised, I’m tracking everything for my future self.

Clothing is easy: two pairs of jeans, four tanks, underwear, nightgown, and hiking shoes in a gym bag, plus a couple of silk shirts and a couple of light tunics in a garment bag. Since I am traveling with my husband and sons, I am confident that nothing more formal will be required. I’ll wear jeans and a camp shirt in the car for maximum comfort.

DSCN4478 DSCN4477

Kindle and chargers in the end pocket of the gym bag:


Cosmetics and toiletries are shown below. Two angles to show all the labels: cleanser, toner, day cream, foundation, concealer, eye shadow palette, blush, eye pencil, mascara, lipstick, gloss, and some tools.

DSCN4461 DSCN4460

Itall fits neatly in my Clinique pouch,and zips up easily, and then it pops into the gym bag.

DSCN4462 DSCN4463

A bag of books and snacks to keep in the car:


A picnic basket to fill just before we leave:


I am mentally preparing by spending quiet time alone.