Monday I woke from a dream about the otolinos. Tuesday I woke with a compulsion to tidy the linen closet (and did, at least partially). Today I woke with serious eye pain.

Too much staring at the computer? Watching TV in bed while knitting in the evenings? The serum I’m reviewing?

I went to the WP Meetup last night and we had a nice kickoff. Today I met with #1 daughter and we got the calendars done in a reasonable time. I still need to put in the keywords and outlines.

We also had a phone conversation with a client I said we should never have accepted. She said we should have been ashamed to send our mockups and that our content seemed to have been written by a 12 year old.

I suggested that we take back our work and refund her payment, but she didn’t like that idea. She asked me to put all the web content into a Word document and send it to her so she can read it that way instead. I spent two hours doing so. She remarked that she hadn’t actually read the content. I don’t quite get why she felt moved to attack our work in that case.

Perhaps it will be good for us and give us humility. #1 daughter said we should feel sorry for her. Clearly, #1 daughter is more good-hearted than I am.

Shortly before that interaction I ran into a blog post by a complete stranger who said how wonderful I was, calling me and #2 daughter SEO and analytics gurus. Which of those judgements did I keep in my mind? The negative one.

I went on to choir practice after that. My eyes still hurt. Maybe early to bed tonight.