The pandemic was announced last year on 3/11, so I had already had my birthday. However, it is now my turn for a pandemic birthday.

The big question: will there be cake?

My fabrics for the spring collection arrived yesterday. — that’s a good birthday gift I have made no progress on my DYW. I have still been tired, too tired to do much in the evenings after work. #2 son is coming to visit this weekend, so I won’t get much done over the weekend either.

I am totally okay with that.

I know what I’m going to make.

I would like to be completely better, though. I’m been sleeping more and moving less.

I guess that’s the right thing to do.

Coming back to say…

#2 daughter, living in California, sent a lovely lunch to me and #1 daughter. #1 brought a cake, which delighted me, and she and I had a good lunch with lots of conversation. #2 son called and #1 son sent me birthday wishes with a text. Even my husband remembered and told me “Happy Birthday.”

I got lots of birthday wishes at Facebook, too. I know that they were all instructed to do this by Facebook, but even so, it’s nice.

On my birthday, in addition to hearing from my kids and eating cake, I also like to look back over my accomplishments of the year.

We’ve been having a pandemic. Also a wild collection of political issues and disasters. I have organized and stocked my home, spent time with my children, thought a lot about racism, and kept up at work. I’ve made a lot of stuff and baked a lot of things too.

It definitely could have been worse.