I went out to day to deposit paychecks through the bank’s drive through pneumatic tube and to fill my gas tank with no human contact. I carefully avoided touching my face and washday hands thoroughly when I reached home.

I thought about going to the grocery, but decided I could wait. In fact, when I got home I found that Amazon Pantry is back. Blue Apron arrived, I have a Schwann’s order scheduled, and then #1 daughter recommended Instacart and I ordered fruit, eggs, butter, and cheese. If everything arrives as it should, I will be full restocked on Tuesday.

I made chili and pulled some whole grain muffins from the freezer. I am very lucky, and very appreciative. My husband and I both have work and paychecks. My family and friends are all well and safe. And spring is here. It was wonderful to be outside today, and to see all the blossoms.

There weren’t many people on the road in cars or out, and that was a relief. After two weeks’ isolation, I can feel sure that I was not infected when I started staying home, and am not infected now. That’s a relief of course. If everyone had sheltered at home when we were told to, we’d be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. However, we have plenty of stupid people ignoring the CDC guidance, including the president.

The Newport Classic is coming along well. The shot at the top of this post show it when there neckline ribbing was at what we might consider a normal point. I’m going on to the pattern’s five inches. It will surely be finished tomorrow.