Here's the fall 2018 palette from Pantone. There's a broader range of neutrals than we've seen in the last few seasons. Purple is back, and along with it some ugly clashing oranges and yellows — but that's just me.

Quetzal Green is a blue-green shade a bit more green than teal, but I feel that it will allow me to continue in my teal phase and do some stashbusting when I sew my fall wardrobe.

There are a couple of nice straightforward blues, a bright red, and a deep red that could easily read brown.

It doesn't seem like a harmonious grouping — maybe it's time for a clash, or perhaps we need to pick just a few from this palette. Maybe it's a symbolic representation of our divided world… or, from a more optimistic viewpoint, our increasingly diverse society.

Speaking of stashbusting, this combination will be perfect for a Fall SWAP. It's enough like last year's Spruce and Shark (I may be mixing up years here — teal and gray have been on the list several times) that I won't feel out of date at all. I definitely have plenty of fabrics in these color families.

The red and blue are more interesting than a primary red or blue, but fresh looking alongside the silver and teal. Actually, it makes me think of stewardess's outfits, so that might not be the direction I'll go in.

A couple more neutrals, both of which I already have in my stash, and perhaps I'll bring in purple accents. I've been seeing a lot of navy and aqua in spring collections, after all. What harm could a bit of Crocus and Ultraviolet do?