It’s fall, so we get the Pantone Spring 2017 color palette. The only real neutral is beige — or Hazelnut, a prettier name. We’re sticking with pink and blue as in 2016, but next year it’s a paler pink and a darker blue: Pale Dogwood and Niagara. Both lovely colors. Lapis Blue will be a spring neutral for some folks, but there’s also Island Paradise, a lovely aqua shade. Along with the blues there are two greens: a spring green called Greenery and Kale, which could also stand in for a neutral in a spring wardrobe.

The warm colors for next spring are Flame, Primrose Yellow, and Pink Yarrow: orange, bright yellow, and hot pink.


Compared with last spring, we’ve lost the gray — in fact, both gray and purple, which have been showing up for quite a few seasons now, are gone. They’ve been replaced by the dark green Kale. We’ve also got hot pink rather than red, but otherwise we should feel just fine wearing our gear from last spring.

Those who’ve grown to love pastels can keep wearing them. And there’s a preponderance of blue and green, as the image below suggests:


I notice that gray and purple made it into the full color planner, though they missed the top 10.

But hot colors will also show up. Pantone’s Cuban mix (not associated with any particular year or season) might be the way to go for summer 2017.