My Christmas gift and baby knitting and sewing will clearly make it impossible for me to finish my Spring 2017 SWAP, let alone do one for fall, no matter how much I like the colors. Pantone has released their Spring 2018 palette, so I figure I can plan that, start after the holidays, and be ready for 2018’s SWAP.

Pantone is sticking with gray and fawn for neutrals, so I can still sew up my leftover pale gray and fawn fabrics. Chocolate brown is back, too, in the form of Emperador. My Elle pants collection will continue to be in style.

Adding some lovely rose and berry shades. This is a favorite color family for me

Vintage-feel pastels in favorite green and coral.

Back to purples, with one so pale it hardly counts.

Rapture rose is almost neon bright. Arcadia green, too. Hmm.


New York and London, again. Am I the only one who wants to pick from both?