Pantone for Spring 2020 is a bit of a hodgepodge.

I have some previous pieces in these colors.

An ash top.

A classic blue top.

A grape compote scarf (a little brighter, frankly) with a mosaic blue and sunlight two-piece dress. The rest of the colors in the two-piece could be white, classic blue, and ash. Maybe even a bit of faded denim.


I could basically stick with blue and coral from last spring. These three colors, on the other hand, would make a new look. Spoonflower has solids in Mosaic Blue, Coral Pink, and Biscay Green. They have coordinating prints of Art Nouveau florals — and I have a length of that lovely underwater print.

I could do some skirts and simple print tops, which would add something different to my wardrobe. These are three of the neutrals for Spring 2020, and I have some fabrics on hand already for these.