I must confess that I have been coveting those OXO containers you see everywhere in people’s pantry shots. $100 a set they are, and the typical Pinterest pantry shot includes more than a single set.

However, when I cleaned up my pantry today I had to admit that when you generally eat only protein and produce, there’s not really enough in the pantry to make a storage set worth buying. I have flour and I suppose I could decant the tea bags into the container, but that’s about it.

I went out this morning and spoke firmly to the cable company about an overcharge, did the grocery shopping at three different stores with a drop in at the bookstore, and then came home and redid my pantry and also the soap-making supplies. I am not following the rules for the proper order on tidification, but I am at least doing some.

I also worked on #1 son’s sweater while watching The Monarch of the Glen, in which they have some truly lovely sweaters and the guys all look very good in kilts. This could be the result of all their striding around the forests and whatnot.

I baked some orange roughy in a citrus/ginger/chili sauce and ate it with brown rice, carrots, and kale. I also ate candy, I’m sorry to say. I didn’t work. Not at all.

I think this is what we’re doing tomorrow, rather than the Alleluia which must logically be for Easter:

This is kind of a weird late-19th century boys’ glee club piece redone in the 1960s. I think the congregation will like it.