We took our museum passes and our passes visite and headed out to the Choco-Story Gourmand Museum of Chocolate.

There was some overlap with our experience of Versailles from the previous day, since Marie Antoinette’s chocolate service  was represented.

I took a lot of photos of chocolate sets because… hmmm… I like dishes.

Chocolate was the first hot drink in France, so it led to innovations like handles on cups and the now-ubiquitous “tremblant” saucer — a saucer with an indentation for the cup.

The Aztec section was equally interesting, but I didn’t take so many pictures.

A chocolate chef made us some chocolates pralinées. I think we could do it at home.

We went into the older part of town and wandered around a bit, visiting Notre Dame and enjoying lunch at Miznos. Roasted cauliflower and lamb were the stars.

We went back into the twisting streets in search of La Droguerie, only to discover that the La Droguerie Google was offering us was a creperie.

We went to Les Halles then and found the correct La Drogeurie.