I’m going to finish up the 2-hour skirt this weekend, for sure. Then I will attempt the Bouvier Jacket.

I have a nice light tweed for the purpose.

See how good it looks in a fabric like this?

So I watched the Bluprint (formerly Craftsy) class on pattern matching.

I read up on the subject in my sewing books.

I cut out most of the pieces. I figure I’ll do the collar after the basic pieces are put together and I can see how the effect should be.

Should I work on it more tonight? I worked about half the day, then went to visit my daughter and grandbabies.  I talked with the Good Ol’ Boy about his website and then went to a meeting at church. Home for dinner and now I’m going to drink my tea and have an hour of needlework.

Should that needlework be basting up the jacket pieces? Or should I be doing simple knitting, like the New Baby’s pants, and save that pattern matching for when I’m fresh in the morning?