“She was wearing animal print!” This is #1 daughter, scandalized by the woman who helped us at the bank.

“I think animal print is a neutral for older women,” I protested. I read that in a book once.

“Animal print is for cougars,” she replied, logically enough. “After 50, you have to go to flowers.”

I wear flowers quite often, and I never wear animal prints. I felt a bit of relief, though.

“I think I could wear fur,” I suggested. I have been watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and admiring the lovely fur collars she wears on her coats.

The woman in question was older than I, probably in her sixties. She should have gone with fur.

The picture at the top shows the jacket I’m working on, which is getting finished gradually. It looks as though the shoulder line needs to be lifted up a bit. Good color, though.