La Bella and I went to an organ concert last night, meeting up with the Swordswoman. There were lots of people we knew there and the concert was inspiring.

The night before, we went to a Presbyterian Women’s dinner. They showed an inspiring documentary.

Plenty of inspiration to go around.

At the dinner, I couldn’t help but notice that most of the women were wearing brightly printed tunics over jeans. Bright florals, geometrics, and combinations of both were the norm.

La Bella wore trim dress trousers and a cleverly seamed striped jacket in navy and cream. The Swordswoman sported a bright silk shirt jacket.

I was in a linen camp shirt and jeans because that’s what I’m wearing these days. Fort the concert, I chose the floral peasant blouse I made last year.


It tends to fall off my shoulders now, but I still love it.

La Bella wore a scuba blue top and a scarf in toning shades. The Swordswoman had a soft yellow cardigan over well-fitting pants and top. Both looked comfortable, casual, and chic.

So was I influenced by the ladies at the dinner? I should have been influenced by my friends instead.

I love that blouse, though. I should make another, a bit smaller.