I’ve been spending a lot of time with people lately. Just today I had church, a play with La Bella, and Session meeting, plus some time with my husband. The past couple of weeks have included lots of meetings, social occasions, and family time, plus rehearsals.

All these things are good and enjoyable, and I’m working on not also finding them a source of stress.

Multiple sources claim that connecting with other people face to face is good for our health. #2 son says that his success in life so far is all about his relationships and enthusiasm, and his letter of rec from him supervisor makes the point that everyone wants to work with him. A lot of the messages in church recently have been about the importance of human relationships, and God said it wasn’t good for us to be alone.

Plus, these are people whom I like. I admire and respect the folks I’ve known for a long time and I enjoy getting to know the ones who are new to me. We’re doing fun things together and having good conversations.


But don’t I also need some alone time? Having my husband home all day keeps me from getting as much exercise as I want and need — or I’m using that as an excuse. Days full of meetings keep my from getting my work done — or they’re important to the success of my company. Having several evenings out every week interferes with my sleep routines — or it’s fun.

I’m behaving as though being with other people all the time is a positive habit, something which will be less stressful if I work on my attitude. I’m also behaving as though needing time alone is a negative habit, one which I can and should get over.

Is that true?