Today I have no meetings. Yesterday I went with #1 daughter and #1 son to see The Big Short, a film about the 2008 crash. Very thought-provoking. We then went on to lunch at a very good new restaurant, and picked up The Little Girl from preschool. I had choir yesterday evening.

The day before that I went to a meetup. The day before that we had staff meeting, and the day before that I had a worship committee meeting. The previous day was #1 son’s wedding reception, with #1 daughter over helping with the catering. The day before that I had a client meeting, and the day before that was the day the kids left. So today was the first day in four weeks that I’ve been alone. The alone time four weeks ago was marred by illness, and I have to go back two and a half weeks before that to find a day with no social events or meetings. The week before that day was Thanksgiving, which was wonderfully filled with people, and the weeks before that week had meetings and events almost every day, too.

And I have meetings tomorrow as well.

I like being with friends and family and I have really improved my attitude toward meetings, but I’m almost past the point of needing some alone time and on to the point of no longer having any alone time. An unemployed husband means that any day without work or social things still has plenty of human interaction.

This is apparently good for my health. However, I might need to build some solitude into my schedule this year. Hiking, perhaps, or long baths. Holing up in the sewing room. Tea and a book on the porch. There are options.