#1 daughter said that she doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday. “I’m all peopled out from the holiday,” she said.

I get that. And it wasn’t just the holiday. I’ve had meetings, meet-ups, choir, and other people-filled events every day this week.

Both meet-up and choir were filled with rollicking fun. Babysitting was quieter, but still a lot of fun.

I have another meeting tomorrow, church Sunday, another meeting Monday… Saturday may be solitary.

I enjoyed every one of those gatherings, and got paid for most of them. But I’m tired. A little overwhelmed. A Facebook friend of mine says it’s “too much input.”

It’s had some consequences, I have to admit.

I haven’t exercised every single day. No excuses? I slept until 8:00 this morning. How’s that for an excuse? I did strength training while my vegetables roasted after work, but I couldn’t fit in the 30 minutes of cardio today because oversleeping didn’t make the work go away.

Also, giving up sweets after the holidays? Not as easy as it sounds. I get a strange jittery feeling after meals, as though my brain harbors a squirrel or something. It’s looking around for chocolate mousse or pear tart or maybe a cupcake, and obviously not finding any. That’s probably the good part.

I have been eating refined carbs, though. I may not have chocolates in the house, but I have pasta.

Is it better to have pasta with cheese and broccoli for lunch or to have fish and salad and dessert?

I haven’t been doing housework. I haven’t even kept up with my needlework. Here’s all I’ve accomplished on that argyle vest this week: I picked up stitches along two thirds of the neckline.

I’ll get back to my No Decisions/ No Excuses soon. At the moment, I’m peopled out. As my Facebook friend said, we can be overwhelmed and excited about the opportunities of the new year at the same time.