Of course, there is no such thing as perfection in this world, but the weather today is indeed perfect. And we had a very nice lunch today. In the photo you can see marinated chicken breasts and tropical veggie kebabs on the  grill. In the background, the comfortable chair where I hung out reading the latest Terry Pratchett and swatching for #2 son’s Christmas scarf. Also Toby the horrible dog.

Following this lunch, I continued with the reading and swatching in the lovely outdoor air.

Prior to the lunch, I went out to deposit checks into the business account and went to the bookstore, where I bought Wanderlust and the latest issue of .net, and to the fabric store, where I took this picture of my print with a couple of tweedy wools.


I was on the phone with #2 daughter at the time, and she advised against them, but there was no sage green suiting and I may ignore her advice.

Because obviously what I really need in my life is more fabric for jackets I’m not skillful enough to sew successfully, and more unfinished sewing projects, right?

Let’s talk about Wanderlust. The scarf below is the one I’ve settled on for the gift, and I also like the sweater and the shawl, both from the same book. You may be thinking that another thing I really didn’t need was another knitting book.


Be that as it may, I am going to continue enjoying the perfection of the day.