I completed the matching 2-Hour Skirt to go with the Tailored T.

Then I began the Bouvier Jacket.


I was actually tempted by pink tweeds this season, but figured I probably wouldn’t wear them. I went with taupe/white/gray with threads of sky blue.

I didn’t attempt the pockets or the lining, so my first step after cutting was the darts. I couldn’t find them. Fortunately, there is a large and helpful community for HotPatterns on Facebook. I shared my problem and someone quickly told me that you have to draw your own.

The front panel has two notches and a circle. You draw your own triangle. I would never have guessed that myself, but it worked just fine.

I put on Pam Howard’s Modern Jacket Techniques class and headed into the main piece construction. Howard said she wouldn’t bore us with sewing up the shoulder and side seams, so I just plunged ahead on that.

Fortunately, the jacket at that point was a good fit.

I set in the sleeves after watching Howard do hers. I did the sleeve hem facings as well. By this time I had moved on to Veronica Mars on Hulu, and I stuck with that all day.

The jacket has princess seams front and back, and 3/4 sleeves with curved edges to be turned up.

This is a very lightweight fabric, and with the main pieces together it still has very little structure. They are put together correctly, though, and the pattern matching is not very good but as good as I could make it.

Next up is the collar and facings. The front facing is sewn to the back facing and all the hem facing pieces. Interfacing is involved. Then the whole facing assembly is sewn to the jacket and the collar is sewn to the facings. That’s the shape of my Sunday.

Pam Howard said that you don’t have to be that great a sewist if you can learn to be a very good finisher. So I figure there will be pressing involed.  Maybe a Bluprint finishing class. Maybe it will look like a jacket by the end of the day.

Also baking. Maybe I will make it to church. Maybe not.