My cataract surgery is today. I can’t eat or take my allergy pills, but I can have “clear liquids” in the morning. That includes black coffee or tea with no cream or sugar, Sprite, or Jello. Black coffee and tea are obviously not clear liquids, Jello is not a liquid, and both Sprite and Jello contain sugar.

I’m going to have a cup of tea in a minute here.

No water after 12:00 noon.

No make up, either. Google tells me that this is a rule for 2 days before and 10 days after the surgery, too.

My surgery is at 3:15, so I have quite a bit of the day to worry about it. Or to work and clean my house, with as little worrying as I can manage. Since I’m fasting, I may find that hunger distracts me from the worry.

I have had surgery before. I had a laparoscopy to remove a wayward IUD. I remember waking up. The nurse asked if I could see the clock.

“I can see two,” I remarked. Then I asked where my children were. Shortly thereafter I vomited, which I understand is not a good thing for the artificial lens they’re going to put into my eye.

That’s what the surgery entails. They will break up and vacuum away the cataract, taking the natural lens along with it. Then they will replace that lens with an artificial one.

The only other physical preparation required is the wearing of loose, comfortable clothing with buttons down the front. The buttons make it easy to use heart sensors, if I understand correctly.