During the French Revolution, my 3rd great grandfather was born in Pointe-a-pitre, Guadeloupe, a French Colony.

His parents were Pierre Coustere and Françoise Pecour. Pierre worked as a doctor in Guadeloupe when Pierre Francois was born.

The royal family were living at Versailles with some 10,000 workers and hangers-on, and the peasants were starving. My family were neither nobility nor peasants. In the files at Ancestry.com you will find, on my family tree, a master tailor, spice merchants, a master carpenter. Artisans, business and professional people.

I marveled at the beauty and grandeur of Versailles, of course, but also felt some revulsion at the lavish display.

Nobody actually needs such luxury.

Did our master tailor make things like this livery?

Did our marchand epicier bring home things like these?