Highlights of the week:

  • Driving the same number of miles as if I had driven to Kansas City. #1 daughter and #2 son actually drove to Kansas City.
  • A meeting downtown in a client’s brand new office, where I got to share their excitement at being where they wanted to be.
  • Asking Siri to find Smokin’ Joe’s, a BBQ joint, and receiving the response, “I found 4 tobacconists fairly near you.” Good thing I don’t have to rely on her.
  • Discussing a pre-meeting meeting in a pre-pre-meeting meeting over BBQ.
  • Taking folks from the New York, L.A., and Chicago offices to the local art museum. They weren’t necessarily that interested in art, but it was still a pleasant visit. We strolled, chatted, and joined the guys for lunch in the restaurant there. At one point, one of the New Yorkers said, “See, I can’t see why that’s art. I might just have a moment and do that.”
  • Conversation with the same New Yorker, regarding the mysterious painting of a well-dressed woman lying apparently on the ground. “Haven’t you ever just lain down on the bed fully dressed?” “Well — isn’t she lying on the ground?” “Haven’t you ever just lain down on the ground fully dressed?” The Midwesterner jumped in at that moment with “Her hand is clenched,” and the New Yorker concluded, “She’s having a moment.”
  • Realizing, as I strolled through the museum with the New Yorker, who happened to be African American, that there were almost no representations of African Americans in the museum, except for slaves. Deciding not to mention it.
  • People jumping up to write on white boards, a feature in meetings which I find I’d sort of missed.
  • Political discussions over lunch with people from all over the country.
  • Conducting a phone meeting in the car on the freeway because I had booked all the meetings too close together. Not dying.
  • Serious discussions on what sounded like the burr, the sir, and the sipper. Our side listened courteously, and their side said to us, sotto voce, “We’re acronym central.”
  • A bright and lively writing class. #1 daughter reminds me that I always like them on the first day. However, the group includes a semi-pro paintball player, a designer of plush toys, and a firefighter. Bound to be entertaining, right?
  • A group of very nice people who were utterly astonished and delighted by the capabilities of WordPress.
  • Getting home this afternoon very tired and deciding to eat takeout and watch Guilt Trip on Netflix.

Lowlights: Getting very little actual work accomplished. Being very tired. Finding that the Tana Lawn I had chosen was sold out from under me because I waffled about the SWAP for so long. No exercise and a great preponderance of Evil 6 all week long.

TGIF. I might have a moment.