I’ve finished the Kaisa sweater and will block it and see how it worked out. I’m putting it that way because the sleeves are, as you can see in the photo, tiny.

I hope, since it has a lace yoke, that it will block out air the right size. If not, I will need to frog it back and try again.

In anticipation of a successful outcome, I have been thinking a bit about what project should be next. I am of course still working on Chimera, which has literally been on the needles for years. And I also still have Calla Base on the needles. But I’ve been thinking about classic cardigans and using some of my recent yarn purchases.

Never mind, though. #2 son requested an Aran sweater for Christmas, and I bought this kit from an Irish shop with ruinous shipping charges:

Gorgeous, right? I expect to enjoy this.

I also am going to make a quilt for the older of the Littles. I made quilts for my two oldest grandchildren a few years ago, and am excited about doing this one:

I think that both of these projects will be challenging for me.

I have some other things in mind, of course, as well as some other WIPs, but I think that these two, with deadlines, will take up most of the available time.

I might get started on the quilt today, but first I must do housework and I also have church stuff (Sunday school, service and a meeting).

A full day ahead.