Being sick for a few days gave me leisure to play with my planner, and I have settled on a general layout. I’ve set up my planner several weeks into the new year, tempting fate probably. Actually, in the layout above I played fast and loose with the headers, trying to use “Don’t forget” and “important convincingly just because they were there. I may go and correct them. I really like the folkloric look of these full boxes, though. They come from Eireen Stickers, and I mixed them with the Sweet Kawaii monthly set.

This is from the Marie Antoinette line at Vintage Gypsy Road.

I made the full boxes for this one myself, just to try it out.

This one incorporates rose gold stickers from several different companies, notably Vintage Gypsy Road and Sweety Stickers.

This layout is mostly Sweater Weather from DigiscrapDelights. It has my to-do lists at the top, and I just now see that I put one in upside down. There is also a habits tracker from another company in the sidebar. Then I have the full boxes, which get covered up over the course of the week, and the bottom set has the “little things” — in this case, meal plans, but in other layouts I’ve included workouts, skincare regime reminders, hydration, expenses, etc. I’m not sure whether I’ll settle my “little things” or continue to focus on different good habits through the year, but I know that the accountability has been good for me so far.

Things get added, so the layout may be the same but the planner looks quite different as time goes on. Here it’s Friday morning, and my week now includes the notations of my sick days, the presidential campaign debates (with totally cute hipster animals from Dook Plook), client billing tracking, bills paid, icons for blogging and church and rehearsals and dinner dates. No full boxes here, and it’s probably a good thing, since my to-do list has been extensive every day.


I’m now working directly from the planner and tracking work in it. My proper work planner is marginally more tidy now. It’s hard to say whether I’m more productive, what with the holidays and sick days, but I feel less overwhelmed, and that’s worth a lot.