I realized that there was no way to mark the current pages of the Happy Planner, so I used one of the decorative inserts to make a tab. Not sturdy, I’m sure, but careful handling seems to be a requirement for this planner.

I also used arrows to move several meetings, because it is being that kind of week. I like the arrow, rather than crossing out the meeting and looking untidy.

I’ve been using the “Notes” section of my work planner for notes from meetings instead of stuffing them into the calendar, which sounds pretty obvious. It’s working well so far, though I certainly wouldn’t have enough pages in the Notes section to do this if I had started it earlier in the year.

I don’t have a complete distinction between my home planner and my work planner yet — and perhaps that is because there is very little distinction between home and work. I might need to work on that.

My meal plans as written into the calendar have not been accurate at all. Tonight, my DIL-Elect came to dinner with her small daughter. My husband started English classes today, which made me very happy, and we fixed a nice dinner — Chicken Chasseur for the adults and a little plain baked chicken for the little girl.

She had fun, I think, trying out all the musical instruments in the house. My son is clearly a favorite of hers, and was very tender with her. When it was time for her to go, my husband said, “Little girl, will you come back again?” She said she would and he gave her a big hug. She found it a bit alarming, maybe, since children nowadays are carefully trained not to accept hugs from strangers, but it was sweet, really.

Then we cleaned up and I helped my husband with his homework and headed out to choir, where we sang Bach, Mendelssohn, and some nice Austrian carols.

Back for some more work, but now I am going to get back to my knitting. I may not get anything more than #2 son’s scarf made this year…