game We had Thanksgiving dinner with most of our kids, #1 daughter’s finacee, my stepfather, his sister, and her fiance.

Then we got down to games.

The following day we took the dogs for a walk and saw a deer, watched Sherlock, and talked. I knitted. #2 daughter was able to interpret the difficult bit of the knitting instructions successfully, so I finished the back of #2 son’s Christmas sweater.

Today we went out for Small Business Saturday, visiting the local yarn shop, The Mustache, a couple of gifte shoppes, and the bookstore. I bought an interesting ribbon for knitting a scarf for #1 daughter (of which more anon) and a few little things for stockings. We hit some big shops, too, had a burger for lunch, and came home and baked cookies.


Here you see Eggnog Cutouts with a luscious eggnog glaze, plus Espresso Thumbprints. Three dozen have been set aside for Friday night’s reception, another couple of dozen went home with #2 daughter, and more are in the freezer for Christmas boxes and buffet.

The girls are going to #1 son’s show downtown tonight, finishing up a day of Small Business use.


Having fun!