I got the top of the Spring Collection two piece dress sewn up. I’ll get the hens and facings done tomorrow. I cut out the matching skirt, and I might get it sewn up tomorrow. I’m going up to #1 daughter’s after church, so I might not.

Today, however, I also got Charlotte the Fox’s outfit finished.

I completed the New Baby’s sweater, except that it still needs buttons and/or snaps up the back. There are pants to go with it, and they will be my next project.

I didn’t use the Tomato Helper for the needlework, but I did use it for kitchen cleanup, cleaning the fridge and putting away the food box, and making Chicken Marengo for dinner.

Tomato Helper has a silent timer, which I used for work on Thursday and Friday. There’s an alarm every 25 minutes, and another alarm after 5 minutes. You’re supposed to take a break for those five minutes, and then begin on another Pomodoro. After four Pomodoros in a row you get a 20 minute break.

I got 7 blog posts written on Thursday.

There’s also ticking timer, which I used today. Obviously, that would be distracting while writing, but it seemed to help me focus on cleaning today.