Yesterday was a work day for me, but I took a break in the middle of the day to go with La Bella to see Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater.

La Bella and her husband are not merely friends of the art center as I am, but good friends. They get parking–

“A cute little guy jumps out and helps me,” she explained as we drove up to the parking lot, and indeed a cute little guy jumped up and escorted us to a spot with a traffic cone in it, pushing buttons on the parking ticket machine blithely.

— and champagne in a special room during the interval.

There was also white cheddar popcorn in the theater. Not to mention lots of children. Popovich is an impressive juggler, he has trained animals that do tricks that fit into stories, and he has a couple of helpers called “The Amazing Jumping Boys” who are pretty amazing at jumping.

It was a fun punctuation to the day.

It was a gorgeous day, too. I should have been out hiking instead of working. Still, #2 daughter and I got a good start on the SEO Launchpad program we’re planning, we finally got that blasted website moved, and I finished up another live refresh. It was worth it.