I scrubbed the porch furniture and surfaces. My husband saw me sweeping and came out to take over. He doesn’t like to see someone else doing tasks imperfectly. He gave me some advice and went on to bed.

While we working together I remarked to him that there is one spot on the porch that smells like animals — like horses or cows, really. “It hasn’t been cleaned in twenty years,” he remarked austerely.

This is not true. I clean the porch faithfully every Porch Week.

Here’s the before:

And the after:

Utterly transformed, right?

Not really. But it is clean, or cleaner than before. I mostly did this with the garden hose, but I may go out later and scrub more, once it’s dry. Or once I am.

I did get a new wreath and doormat, which I quite like.

It’s also List Week, but we don’t know what will happen this year. I don’t know who will be here for the holidays, so it’s hard to come up with menus. Which of course means that it’s hard to come up with a shopping list. Handmade gifts? I actually have quite a few things I planned and bought materials for, and never made, so this may be a stash busting Christmas.