Pretty, right? This is a nice custard, flavored with caramel, vanilla, and lemon, in a puff pastry case. Just the thing for a tea party.


They’re easy to make — it’s a cooked custard baked in a little shell. That’s my Pastry of the Week.

Today is my birthday. My kids called and I tried to think about the past year. I like to think over the accomplishments of the past year on my birthday. Often they’re big things: having a baby or getting a new job or something. This past year?

Well my youngest graduated. I had on my goals list for last year that I would see both my sons graduate and kind of check “Bring up four admirable adults” off my list. But of course my sons’ graduations are not a reasonable goal for me. One did, one didn’t, and I had no control over it.

Our business grew in revenue by 32%, which is hot stuff. True, it fell in profitability and rose in stress and we have a long list of all the things we did wrong last year. However, it is still in existence. In fact, we are by now getting on track again pretty well so if I count birthday to birthday it might be sort of a fall and rise. Or, as one of the highly successful speakers at the conference put it, a great business is just “a series of mistakes that we survived.”

I didn’t complete a SWAP or a quilt, but I made a couple of nice sweaters and nightgowns and bedspreads and whatnot. I spoke at things and completed certifications and grew a nice garden. I edited the church history and worked on some terrific music and had two excellent out of state trips.

In fact, as I look over my blog for last year, I had quite a nice year.