I enjoyed a 5 mile hike today at Pea Ridge. I forgot my phone, so I have no pictures. No pictures of the thistles, Johnny-jump-ups, and Queen Anne’s Lace in the forest. No pictures of moss-covered rocks and stone steps, ancient chimneys and shiver-inducing 19th century medical tools. No pictures of La Bella and the other jolly Olli-ites.

We didn’t have lunch and I got home about 4:00, 11,000 plus steps to the better. I was tired and hungry, much as I enjoyed the hike. I went to Rick’s and bought a birthday cake for tomorrow — and a sandwich. I took a serious shower in hopes of escaping from ticks and chiggers, made a cup of tea, and settled down with the excellent sandwich and some ginger cookies.

I got a good start on #2 son’s Christmas Gift, Erika Knight’s Simple Vest. I watched Dr. Thorne as I knitted. It was a good day and a very pleasant evening.