I went back to the dentist today for a post-op visit. He didn’t actually say anything. I think I was expecting something like, “Everything is healing well.” Nope.

He also didn’t say it wasn’t healing well. I must go back on Monday.

He did say, “Soft foods, obviously.” I made some pomegranate Jello.

Work was exciting today. I worked about half a day yesterday and then went to bed early. The day before I had also rested most of the day. Today I was back to work, fortunately.

We launched a beautiful new website. There’s always quite a bit of configuration and last-minute stuff. We also got caught up in world events, briskly writing and posting and commenting strategically.

Quite a fun day. I feel back to normal, apart from some pain. Quite a bit of pain, actually.

Soft foods, obviously.