Thanksgiving was wonderful, but now we’re back at work, scrambling to catch up after time off. #2 daughter felt disgruntled, she kept telling me. She also said she lost seven pounds. I gained two. What’s up with that?

I enjoyed getting back to work, but it was a busy day and I didn’t accomplish all that I wanted to. Even so, I have to stop working and get to knitting, or there won’t be any Christmas presents from me this year.

Advent is a time for preparing for Christmas, a joyful time, but also a time of serious meditation. Today I have a serious song for you. It’s a Finnish tune, so we need hardly say that it has a haunting melody. It has some yearning words, too, so it’s a good choice for quiet singing on days in Advent when you aren’t all about joy to the world.


Lost in the night do the people yet languish, longing for morning the darkness to vanquish,
plaintively heaving a sigh full of anguish. Will not day come soon? Will not day come soon?

Must we be vainly awaiting the morrow? Shall those who have light no light let us borrow,
giving no heed to our burden of sorrow? Will you help us soon? Will you help us soon?

Sorrowing wand’rers, in darkness yet dwelling, dawned has the day of a radiance excelling,
death’s dreaded darkness forever dispelling. Christ is coming soon! Christ is coming soon!

Light o’er the land of the needy is beaming; rivers of life through its deserts are streaming,
bringing all peoples a Savior redeeming. Come and save us soon! Come and save us soon!