Paige of Approaching Joy made a pretty book of her pictures from New York Fashion Week.

Moxy Ox, a local print shop that reminds us of, printed them up and mailed them out, including a copy for me.

It was wrapped up like a present, and it was a pleasure to unwrap and leaf through.

Paige covered Fashion Week for us (as well as for the folks who sent her), coming up with the content for a cool infographic we had Jay create for one of our clients. Her photos show the city and the excitement of her journey.

It’s fun to get presents in the mail, isn’t it?

The mail used to bring all kinds of stuff — bills, junk mail, all kinds of surprises.

Now bills are electronic, junk mail can be stopped, and the mail we do get is more often something really cool.

Netflix DVDs, checks, presents.

I wonder whether this has changed the experience of postmen.