The Happy Planner movement has led to a plethora of free printables as well as an impressive sticker cottage industry. The free ones above are from Vintage Glam Studios and I Heart Planners. I figured that the free printables would probably not be worthwhile for me. The color printer ink makes them more costly than stickers, the fuss of cutting out the wee pieces would not be amusing, and they wouldn’t adhere properly.

I was right.



See the nice habits list on the left, and how unevenly it is stuck down? A sticker wouldn’t be like that.


See the edges of the Churchill quote turning up? (That’s a Flow card.)


See the bubbles from the glue used on the piece on the other side of the page? It’s in the afternoon on Nov. 1.

While the cutting was actually rather meditative and relaxing, you will have to be much better than I am at adhering things evenly for this to work out well. Sticking on stickers takes enough time if you’re at all busy. It’s like I used to tell teachers who made their own bulletin boards: if this is your art form, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. Otherwise, it’s cheaper and faster and more consistently successful to support the ready-made decorations industry.

I did go buy some Glue Dots (I think the Flow cards will be used for this purpose in spite of all the sensible things I said above). As I walked up to the register to pay for them, I heard someone say, “I can’t really sew. I can cut and paste.” That does seem like a strong enough argument in favor of the printables. I would just have to get better and cutting and pasting for it to be worth giving up knitting time.