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So I still can’t quite bring myself to put all my clothes on the floor and check them for joy, but I did gather all the products from the bathroom. I get a lot of product — the industry uses the word as a non-count noun — for review, and in consequence the shower was full of bottles I gathered all those bottles and the things under the sink into a box, as seen in the first picture above, and tossed away everything that failed the Kondo test.

The remaining items I provided with homes: a bin for hair products and a bin for skin products, now stowed tidily beneath the bathroom sink. I put the cleaning products into my cleaning product tote, which lives under the kitchen sink. The chances of my taking a sudden fancy to scrub the bathroom when I’m not cleaning the house are slim enough that I figure I can go get my cleaning tote if it happens.


I arranged all the cosmetics I use regularly into a drawer, and sorted out all those samples and products sent for review and travel sizes and whatnot. I tossed the ones that didn’t provide any spark of joy, and kept things like the Dior eyeshadow and the lipsticks with really cool packaging. I put them all into a tin and stuck them in a cupboard under the sink. if I never open the tin, I can throw it away easily enough when I’m ready to do so.

Today I am going to ignore my email and my phone, because I am usually in class on Fridays, and most people probably know that they can’t reach me.

I don’t yet feel life-changing magic, exactly, but I did enjoy the feeling of having tidied this one small area of my life.