Yesterday I cleaned the bedroom carpet, tidied the living room, cleared the kitchen table of the stuff that had been ranged across it since I sorted out the china cabinet, and then read and knitted for the rest of the day. I got some reviews written as well, and unpacked and put away the new Christmas china.

Here’s a reminder to myself that I put it in the cupboard above the fridge.

Today I have Sunday school, choir, the church service itself, and three meetings at the church. Tomorrow and the next day I have family events.

My Sunday school class is full of intelligent, well-read people. We have very interesting conversations in there, and read interesting books.

The meetings are not bad, either, even though I hate meetings. Seeing other people is still a bit of a novelty so that may be the appeal.

I always enjoy time with my family.

I’m gradually clearing up cluttered surfaces around the house and keeping them clear. I’m part of the world’s return to normal.