According to Rescue Time, I spent 7 hours last week on email and 5 on Skype. This is more than the previous week and my productivity level was correspondingly low — below 80% for the first time ever. Still, I had more than 5 productive hours per day at the computer, in spite of its being a meeting-heavy week, and that was my goal for the week. I worked just 50 hours at the computer, which reflects the number of meetings, but I think that’s a good amount of time.

When I looked further at the unproductive time, though, I saw that it was Amazon — where I write reviews which have gotten me several jobs and a steady supply of new business books to review on blogs — and news outlets, where of course I’m doing necessary research.

I don’t think Rescue Time really understands my job.

I have fallen far behind on the HHP. I should have my Christmas cards addressed, my bathrooms throughly cleaned, and my overseas packages ready to mail. This week, I should be reviewing our seasonal media collection (?!),  decorating for Hallowe’en, starting amaryllis bulbs, and cleaning the family room. I may still do all those things. I’m having the monthly staff meeting at my house, and those things sound like good preparation for that.