I have a day to myself. I literally can’t remember the last time that was true. I plan to enjoy it thoroughly.

True, I have to go grocery shopping and to the bank, and I should probably do some housework, but there will still be room in the day for knitting, reading, and thought.

I had a meeting yesterday with one of my favorite clients. This was another week full of meetings, some worthwhile, some pleasant, but overall just adding up to too many meetings. However, I really like this client as an individual, apart from work, and it’s fun to talk with her. She is a bit older than I am, and I hope that when I reach her age I will be able to radiate wisdom and caring the way this woman does.

I suppose if I were to set that as a goal now I might accomplish it by then. Maybe not, if I am the kind of person who gets stressed out if I have to meet with people more than once a day.

What’s the right number of meetings, though? If I have three classes and two rehearsals and ten meetings in a week, isn’t that too many? And if the week includes explosions and sudden extreme temperature changes in addition to my own stuff, is being stressed out a reasonable response?

Here’s the unfortunate thing: I was so tired and stressed last night that I punked out on going to the local performance of “Trial by Jury.” I was really looking forward to it, and had planned to go with #1 daughter. She took off on a float trip with her brother instead, and my husband wouldn’t go with me, and when it was time to leave it just felt too exhausting and I didn’t. I regret that now, because I really think I would have enjoyed it. Ah, well.

My weight loss has completely stalled out, I’m still exercising fairly regularly but not every day and not as intensely as I like to, we’re behind on our business goals, and I’m back to 12 hour work days. So I guess I’m not making much progress. Perhaps a day for myself will put me back on track.