The Health and Beauty Project went well, and was followed by the Work Project, which was supposed to overlap with the DYW Wardrobe Project. I haven’t made much project on that. I planned the garments and the looks, actually, but I haven’t made anything yet. I’m working on Chimera still, but haven’t cut out or sewn anything.

So what I have been doing?

There has been a Baking Project. I’ve added all kinds of special tools and ingredients to my collection, and learned some things as well.

The Gold Star project is ongoing.

The Garden Project is waiting for the weather and my husband.

I’m planning to do some camping and canning as it warms up, too, and have gathered the tools for both hose undertakings. I also plan to learn Mediterranean cooking. I think my illness got in the way of that, but it’s time to get back to it.

Should I knit my sweater and then get to sewing? Should other projects wait their turns? Can all the projects overlap and move ahead at their own paces, whatever that might be?