I took a Personal Sewing Day and completed the Baby’s flannel nightgown.

I also cut out the Victoriana Tee and did a lot of basting, or hand sewing. It’s basting if I go over the seams with a machine, but I had done the gathering for the baby gown so badly by machine that I just didn’t see the point in trying to do it for the Victoriana Tee. As you can see in the picture below, I did somewhat better by hand.

I know I’m going to love the pattern, but I was seriously disappointed in the lace I bought. Online fabric shopping always has this uncertainty.

I bought the jersey and the lace in both coral and blue. I’m sewing up the blue top and I will probably enjoy wearing it in spite of the poor quality lace.

But I went to Etsy and ordered a new coral lace, or rather embroidered tulle.

True, this doubles the cost of the project. And I might not like it when it arrives. It is coming from Latvia. We’ll see what happens.

I also printed out a print-at-home pattern and tried to tape all the pieces together with washi tape because I apparently have no Scotch tape in the house.

Print-at-home patterns have numerous extra opportunities for imprecision. I ordered it by accident and may just have to go back and order the paper pattern.

But the PSD was a success. Not only did some sewing get done, but I also got to decompress. #1 daughter and I had a long phone convo covering measles, anti-vaxxers, Andrew Yang, baby nutrition, and other stuff.  I didn’t leave my house. I spent no more than five minutes on work stuff. I ate three balanced meals, but also nibbled on graham crackers. It’s been a self-indulgent day.