First of all, I don’t like reality TV. There are a couple of reality TV programs I enjoy: “What Not to Wear” and “The Profit.” Otherwise, I have found every reality TV program I’ve ever seen stupid and boring.

Second, I find “queer” a rude term. Possibly, I’m like older folks in the 20th century who found it rude to say “black” and wanted to continue saying “Negro.” but I am uncomfortable with that word.

So I never considered watching this show. I knew that it was a program involving gay fellows giving advice to straight fellows. That’s all I knew.

Now, I have gotten into the habit of watching Netflix or Hulu or whatnot while knitting when my husband is at work in the evening. The other day, Netflix inexplicably switched languages on me. This program was still in English and they suggested it to me and what the heck I watched it.

I found it touching and sweet. Seriously. They give sensible advice, too. I don’t need tips for beard grooming, but I kind of enjoy seeing the guys on their journeys of self improvement.

Comparing this program to “What Not to Wear,” I can’t miss how the men immediately see themselves as handsome and brilliant. Women don’t see that.

So far, there has been no good knitting, though.

I have now found how to set the language at Netflix so I will probably return to proper movies and stuff, but I’ve enjoyed this interlude.