It’s Question Week for the HGP, time to decide on our gifts and decorating.

I have handmade gifts planned for about half my family right now. I have some toys in th closet, too, and a few stocking stuffers I bought at the museum gifts shop yesterday.

I have plenty of decorations, though I might do something a little different this year if I see a good idea.

We should also ask ourselves these questions:

  • Do I see Christmas time primarily as a time for entertaining friends and renewing long lost acquaintances or as a time for family? For me, definitely it’s family time.
  • How much emphasis do our Christmas activities place on the spiritual side of Christmas? For me, this is very important, but I think I’m alone in this,
  • How involved is my family in the Christmas preparation? We’re all grownups now, so they’re doing their own preparations.
  • What activities are particularly important to our family at Christmas? To myself? We talked about this recently. Christmas Eve’s variation on the Reveillon and the Christmas morning stockings were the winners, along with our board game marathons.
  • Why do we observe the traditions we do in our house? Fun? Tradition for tradiation’s sake?
  • How important is an elaborately decorated house, homemade gifts or food, to my feelings about Christmas? Very important.
  • What would my ideal Christmas be like? Having everyone home together. It could happen.