I may have reached SABLE.

Here’s my queue:

  1. Alice√
  2. Chimera
  3. Fleming
  4. Afmaeli 2
  5. Peruvian Dreams Shawl
  6. Wild Prairie Shawl
  7. Calabasa
  8. Charlie
  9. Cumbria
  10. Adiri 3
  11. Summer Diamond Socks
  12. Night Owl Mittens
  13. Artemisia
  14. Lace bath set
  15. Macrophylla Shawl
  16. Irlandais
  17. Corrie
  18. Market Jacket
  19. Aspens Cardi
  20. Tweedy Jumper
  21. Fia
  22. Damsel
  23. Leaves and Flowers
  24. Swallowtail
  25. Gimp Bag
  26. Cocoknits Emma
  27. Arts ands Crafts Cardigan
  28. Biot
  29. Antler Baby Cardigan
  30. Encinitas
  31. Chantilly Lace Ascot

Nope. I knit about 6 projects per year, so I only have enough on hand for a few more years. I plan to live another few decades, so I guess I am not too bad.

True, I also have yarn that is not committed to any particular project. And I have been yarn shopping. I’m waiting on several shipments right now.

I have been yarn shopping in order to fulfill my patriotic duty to keep favorite shops open and to get the economy restarted after the pandemic.

But I might need to go cold sheep once things are back on track.