I’ve been playing with DIY planner stickers in my copious free time.  I can certainly make them myself, though I’m not convinced that doing so is a cost-effective alternative to buying them ready-made.

But I have just discovered a quick trick for making stickers for your own planner. It has some real drawbacks. for one thing, it uses Word as a graphics program. For another, it probably skates close to the edge of copyright law. It also may work best for quilters.

But here it is, for better or for worse:

  1. Choose a favorite collection of fabrics from your favorite quilting store. Save at least 9 or 10 of the images of the coordinated fabrics.
  2. Import all the pictures into Word and size them at 1.5″ square for horizontal or 1.5 x 1.8″ for vertical — or whatever fits your planner. Keep 8 or so of your faves as full boxes.
  3. Manipulate the remaining images to create half boxes, copying and pasting as needed.
  4. Add text boxes for the centers.
  5. Create a table to make your headers. 7 rows of three columns gives you Today, To Do, and Little Things.
  6. Save the whole thing as a PDF.
  7. Print on sticker paper.

Yep. That will give you perfectly adequate basic planner stickers with little effort. Bringing those images into Photoshop and doing it properly will work better, obviously.