I wrote out the tasks for the Little Girl’s quilt this weekend. We went last weekend and she chose fabrics.


After a good deal of thought and research, I chose a modern 9-patch variation. We had one red fabric, so I made half of the squares white with a red center.


The other half are scrappy mixes pieced from her chosen fat quarters, with white in the center.


These two units make up the block in checkerboard fashion. As you can see, I set up the sewing machine by the TV so I could watch Netflix with half an eye while sewing.


A nine-patch unit is most easily made with three-strip groupings sliced across and sewing together into the nine-patch. For this quilt, there are white slices, red and white slices, purple and white slices, and purple slices.


Once combined into red/white units and purple/white units, they don’t really look like a nine-patch any more. The squares stand out against the white.


I added a white border to emphasize that effect and then a pieced border using nearly all the remaining fat quarter fabric. I have a deep purple mosaic pattern for the binding.

This is a more modern pattern than I would choose for myself, but I think it will be just right for the Little Girl’s bedroom.