Here’s the completed Quixote Shawl, unblocked.

I pinned it out with mes epingles from Versailles. They are wicked sharp, and I hope they will do a good job. I resisted buying proper blocking wires and so forth, and I hope I don’t regret that.

Here it is, pinned out to the correct size. I like it, even with all the errors. I want to jump right in and make another shawl, but I think I will resist that. It took just three weeks, though. True, I have been knitting pretty intensively in my free time, but that’s still half the time a sweater takes.

In non-knitting news, all the grandkids came over this morning with their parents, which is to say I had half my kids and all my grandkids over. They brought doughnuts from Rick’s and we had intended to play games, but we got too involved in conversation.

We were talking about sustainability, the responsibility of corporations, and whether wickedness is just part of life and something to be accepted, or not.

I showed the Little Girl how to knit again, and also showed by DIL. I sent them home with yarn, needles, and a book. They said they’ll practice every day and I will check in with them when next I see them.

They’re heading out to visit #2 son in Colorado.

The Baby is going with her parents (#1 daughter and the Good Ol’ Boy) to a funeral in Texas.

I am not going anywhere. I’ll knit and work and read books.

That’s what I mostly did today. I baked a pineapple upside down cake, with traditional pineapple and cherry design, in a traditional cast iron pan.

I did a little tiny bit of work, not nearly as much as I should have. I did an equally tiny bit of housework. I accepted #1 daughter’s dogs for dog-sitting. But I actually got the shawl finished, so I feel as though I had a productive day.