Not that I went to the races, just that it was a racing around kind of day.

My stepfather came by and swapped a pile of boxes for a dresser we had in the garage. I have no idea what’s in the boxes. Standing feebly in my driveway he told me that he likes his new place except that it’s full of old people.I didn’t know quite what to say, but he seemed lucid so I’m going along with it.

My son is back from New Orleans, and had a little bit to say on the subject. He’s leaving again in a couple of days.

I also drove to the bank and back three times, helping my husband complete transactions long distance. This involved calling him repeatedly to give the teller permission, while he did not answer because he was on a train to Boston, which seems like a fun thing to do. Then when he got back, he called me and I headed back to the bank and conducted the transaction on speakerphone, where I heard him shout “Hell, no!” when the teller gave him his savings account total. Plus one more trip to make a deposit, alerted by his embarrassing response.

Sometimes you’re in an embarrassing situation and there’s just nothing to be done about it.

Then there were myriad phone calls and way more work than could be done in the time available, but I also called out for pizza, and we had that (with fruit and vegetables) for both lunch and dinner.

I wrote seven client blog posts, completed most of a strategy document, graded student papers, responded to client emails, fixed a couple of little WordPress things, and now, following a 10.5 hour workday, am finishing up.

I still have time to read a bit.

And I am remembering the baritone who prayed for time management skills at choir last week.