Coming back from our travels is a matter of returning to my normal life… but only to a point.

Yes, it was nice to be back in my own bed. I tidied my bedroom and unpacked and put things away and organized the knitting and reading materials and that was a pleasure.

And it was nice to be back at church and welcomed as though people had missed me. It was good to refill the empty fridge with fruits and vegetables and to start my days with Wii Fit once again. Being able to focus on work without the inconvenience of tracking down wifi is more satisfying, and I’m feeling refreshed and renewed when it comes to work.

But the end of the summer is a time of change anyway. I’m excited about the new things coming up at work, and the seasonal changes of the Elder’s retreat, the new teaching term, and the beginning next week of the Holiday Grand Plan.

I didn’t get my summer studies done, didn’t finish the Spring 2015 SWAP (though I will be posting about what did get done), and am heading into the Christmas knitting season with a bunch of projects I want to make for myself. But summer has been good and autumn beckons.

I’ll be writing about my progress and my plans for this, the second New Year of the year.